High Performance Computing

Integrating HPC Tools With the Way You do Business

The LTI High Performance Computing team possesses a tremendous depth of experience in the design, implementation, optimization, and support of HPC computer systems and applications. Through our efficiency and expertise, our clients have been able to significantly grow their HPC infrastructure while simultaneously lowering their overall cost for support and management.

Process oriented. Customer focused. Data driven.

LTI has a proven track record of reducing client costs and improving both performance and efficiency of their HPC environment. LTI provides HPC support for numerous different physical locations, consisting of several thousand compute nodes and tens of thousands of CPU cores of computing power. LTI supports physical hardware, operating system software and middleware.

Additionally, we provide live metrics and benchmarking services that assist our clients’ purchasing decisions and application tuning.

Depth of Expertise

HPC is an LTI core competency with expert level capability. LTI possesses a tremendous depth of experience in the design, implementation, optimization and support of parallel and distributed compute systems running in advanced computational modeling environments. We provide in-depth knowledge of operating systems, batch environments and HPC MPI middleware plus a variety of CFD and FEA applications. LTI’s experience includes over 15 years of supporting the hardware and software computing needs of design engineers and over a decade of support for High Performance, Distributed and Parallel computing for a Fortune 10 company.


  • Architecture and Design
  • New technology Evaluation and Integration
  • Implementation and Configuration
  • Customization and Optimization
  • Operational support
  • Measurement and Metrics
  • Hardware fixes
  • Engineering Software support
  • Installation, integration, configuration and troubleshooting
  • Benchmarking of new hardware and software
  • Batch scheduler setup
  • HPC cluster Monitoring
  • Software development

Platforms and Expertise

Unix, Linux, Blade clusters, commodity servers, SMP servers, High Speed cluster networks, Batch schedulers, High speed HPC storage