Data Center and Infrastructure Modernization and Consolidation

February 28th, 2017

Recent news from Gartner concerning data center modernization and consolidation points to the importance of customizing data center strategies according to business plans, regulatory requirements, skills availability and rapidly changing technologies.  Gartner points to recent reports showing that CIOs are being challenged to reduce costs this year and next as business leaders have reduced their overall operating budgets given the still fragile economy.

Enterprises need to control costs while staying competitive, and data center modernization and consolidation projects offer the opportunity to do both. LTI is a proven industry leader in the planning and execution of a modernization and consolidation project, whether it involves populating a new data center, modernizing an existing one, or conducting a server consolidation project within an existing data center. LTI has the experience and expertise critical to tackling such issues as space constraints, legacy technologies, legal requirements for storage, rising energy costs, and other operational efficiencies. Our clients have consistently benefitted from LTI’s success in implementing a sound infrastructure while reducing annual operational costs.

Enterprises planning to embark on data center consolidation and/or modernization projects should consider these typical hurdles and discern those that may present significant challenges.  According to Gartner’s August article these include:

  1. Require a top-down focus of relationships among IT infrastructure, operations, applications development and business units.
  2. Complete technology assessment before starting any modernization project.
  3. Determine the number and location of data centers, and whether they should be stand-alone, collocated or outsourced.
  4. Determine where savings in server, storage and network infrastructure are achievable.
  5. Consider how to handle legacy infrastructure.
  6. Learn how to consolidate infrastructure and operations within a data center or set of data centers.
  7. Decide best metrics and software tools for measuring data center energy efficiency.
  8. Examine how a consolidation and modernization project will affect IT platforms and systems.

LTI’s proven success in providing solutions to an ever-changing variety of challenges in the area of consolidation and/or modernization projects is second to none. Innovations in achieving cost savings and energy efficiency, customized systems built to suit current needs with specific design strategies, metrics considerations and return on investment, selection and implementation of technologies, products and services to gain energy efficiency, increased agility and enhanced availability, design efficiency and incremental build-out methods, integration of legacy hardware with new innovations while achieving optimal cost-effectiveness. . .these are some of the strongest attributes of LTI service.

*Information gathered from recent Gartner article.