LTI Becomes Microsoft Silver Level Partner

September 27th, 2017

Logic Technology Inc. is pleased to announce the company is now a Microsoft Silver Level partner in Azure technologies spanning on-premise, hybrid and public cloud.  This partnership furthers LTI’s relationship with Microsoft that has spanned more than 10 years.

With our deep cadre of Microsoft engineers, obtaining the necessary certifications in Azure was a natural fit for LTI.  Leveraging work that we have done for our clients in Server infrastructure management, High Performance Computing and Data Analytics validated this was a perfect fit.  Moreover, our employees and clients were particularly receptive to obtaining the competencies required to obtain the partnership level.

With this partnership, LTIs Azure capability gives clients more choices for their computing needs.  Whether the workload is on premise, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment, LTI is ready to help clients navigate all platforms.

We see cloud adoption growing at a faster pace as more businesses become comfortable with moving their workloads to the cloud.  Aside from production workloads, compelling Use Cases that clients are employing cloud computing for include: 1.) One-off projects that require fast turnaround 2.) R&D or Proof-Of-Concept where platform investment is unbudgeted and 3.) Providing temporary capacity for special needs such as data analytics projects or high volume data and compute operations.

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