New EU Agency To Manage IT Systems With Citizen Data

September 16th, 2016

Plans are in the works to create a pan-European agency that will manage the European Union’s large-scale IT systems, cites a recent report.

According to the report, the agency—which plans on convening in 2012 and will be headquartered in Tallin, Estonia, with offices in Strasbourg, France, and Sankt Johann im Pongau, Austria—will be responsible for managing vast amounts of highly-sensitive citizen data, including national law enforcement information, visa data (including biometric data) and even the fingerprints of asylum seekers and illegal immigrants.

As the highly-sensitive data managed by the agency will likely increase its potential for hacking, experts have already warned that effective security is critically important. Already, an attack earlier this year on the European Commission “disrupted email systems, while an attack on the E.U.’s Emissions Trading Scheme saw at least 30 million euros ($41 million) of emissions allowances stolen from national registries,” cited the report.

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