Notes from the RSA Conference

September 16th, 2016

The topic of information security played a big role in this year’s RSA Conference, with mobile, social and cloud computing creating greater challenges for companies’ IT security agenda. In an article for Information Week, Eric Lundquist compiled a list of lessons, trends and take-aways from the conference. The big take-away? Many RSA attendees are prioritizing mobile security. With the influx of smartphones and tablets, greater attention needs to be paid to protecting and encrypting data that is accessed via these devices, rather than focusing on protecting the devices themselves.

Another important topic was the use of analyzing big data to help create new security models. “Sophisticated break-ins require data analysis at a level not previously seen in the security industry,” Lundquist wrote.

With the increase in sophisticated attacks, companies should be aware that hackers (which now include individual hackers, organized criminal groups, hackers with a political agenda and hackers financed and trained by nation states) are focusing on intellectual property.

Advanced persistent threats were also discussed, as “under the radar” APTs, which happen over time and don’t immediately set off alarms, need to be better dealt with.

As the level of sophistication increases, so too must the security, and tiered security was a big point in the conference. Lundquist suggested (though he recognized the grand scope of the undertaking) that companies carefully “scrutinize their assets and lock them down within security levels depending on value and need for access.”

The RSA Conference made it clear that information security needs to evolve to keep companies and their intellectual properties safe in the years to come. To find out how LTI does security, click here or contact us today.