Company History

Founded on a Vision

LTI was founded in 1989 with a vision to create a company driven to provide an exceptional, unrivaled level of service. In order to do so, we set out to hire the best and brightest minds in the industry. LTI’s stated mission became: “Our Company will drive upward the standards that support and reward talented consultants. Motivated people provide superior service to clients.” This strategy became a magnet for top performers, offering an environment in which they could be stimulated, flourish professionally and receive appreciation and compensation for their contributions.

The ‘Pro People’ Company

LTI’s plan worked. Qualified individuals came, stayed and began building a team capable of delivering outstanding results. With the foundation firmly in place, LTI began a -year journey of strategic and organic growth that has us now entering our third decade as a Global provider of IT services and solutions in both Infrastructure Services and Enterprise Business Solutions.

Highlights 1990 – 1999: Logic Technology, Inc.

Fueled by initial successes in marketing consulting, our first decade saw the birth of service verticals, the establishment of core competencies and the growth of our geographic footprint. LTI capitalized as the industry sought to modernize processes and embrace a more decentralized operating environment.

  • Our Software Services vertical kicked off in 1990 implementing an innovative electronic publishing solution that cut document generation time by 80 percent.
  • Our Infrastructure Services Division was founded in 1995 and began supporting the UNIX environment for a large multi-national company, driving process and procedure, raising server availability, increasing quality and reducing costs. Our relationship with this customer continues to this day.
  • In 1997 LTI’s Infrastructure Services offering was expanded to include Storage, High Performance Computing and Information Security.
  • Our Atlanta Regional Office opened in 1998 in answer to increased business demands and the need for consultant support in the Southern tier.
  • The LTI Solutions Center opened that same year to provide cost-effective, domestic, remote software development and support services for clients across the country.
  • A web portal was implemented by LTI that went on to host two million unique visitors in one year and helped the client win InternetWeek's e-Business of the Year award.
  • By the end of the 1990’s, LTI had also added Asset Management Services and Business Analysis Services to the offering portfolio. Service verticals grew as additional inroads into the power industry, financial services and the public sector were made.

2000 – 2009: Leadership. Technology. Integrity.

The first decade of the new millennium saw LTI expand dramatically, both domestically and internationally, as LTI’s reputation as a premier service provider grew with the successful delivery of several key, strategic initiatives for clients in both the Infrastructure Services and Enterprise Solutions divisions. LTI’s growth was realized from expansion of services by existing clients and the acquisition of several key new accounts.

  • In 2001, an LTI-developed e-Commerce application performed individual product analysis using integrated customer data and generated $2 billion in online sales.
  • That same year, Project Management was added as an official service offering for LTI and has since resulted in the successful completion of multiple thousands of hardware and software projects to date for our clients.
  • In 2003 our company designed and implemented a statewide Web authentication and authorization system that won the “Best Application for Business Needs” award.
  • Infrastructure Services consistently maintained service levels in excess of 99 percent while supporting a geographically distributed, multi-platform environment of thousands of systems.
  • In 2003, LTI made the transition to a national provider, augmenting our remote support model with local execution throughout the US, while also expanding our services model to include Windows Systems Support.
  • Our Cincinnati office opened in 2006 in support of clients and consultants in the Midwest. In addition, LTI took our first step toward international support as we began offering native language support services in Italian and French.
  • The following year, LTI was officially providing 7x24, remote infrastructure support services in over 50 countries, including on-site services in Europe.
  • The integration of a global partner to enhance our overall service delivery model occurred in 2008. During that same year, LTI established a subsidiary in the U.K.
  • In 2009, LTI gained significant traction as a Global provider, further augmenting our remote support model with local execution where required in Europe and Asia. LTI established subsidiaries in France and Italy, and engaged regional European partners to begin providing on-site services in Belfort and Florence.

2010 and Beyond: Leadership. Teamwork. Innovation.

LTI continues to aggressively pursue our stated mission: “To continue to grow and expand as a Strategic Global Partner for each of our clients worldwide.” With a 10,000 sq. ft. expansion to our Solutions Center and intense focus on growth areas such as Cloud Computing and the Industrial Internet of Things, LTI is well positioned to make our third decade our greatest ever.

  • In 2010, LTI recognized the need for an enterprise grade, technology agnostic Data Protection management solution and began developing ClearView. The following year ClearView is used to manage and provide business transparency for over 20 million backups if the first year.
  • LTI enhanced the scalability of our 7x24x365 support model with offshore resources to supplement our core domestic resources in 2013.
  • Our support for private cloud operations expanded in 2014 with the first commercial deployment of our proprietary Cloud Management Platform, AgI. This CMP manages a CloudStack installation supporting over 3200 running cores, 50TB of memory and nearly half a PB of storage.
  • In 2015 LTI became an Amazon Web Services Consulting Partner at the standard level. Growth in the US required doubling the size of the Greenville office to accommodate additional consultants.
  • The following year, LTI became a GE Digital Alliance Partner as one of the first consulting organizations to offer Predix System Integration services. During that same year we began certifying our Predix developers.
  • In 2017 LTI begins offering ClearView powered by Predix as a SaaS solution to enhance our enterprise data protection service.