Integrated Service Management


LTI’s integrated approach to service management eliminates inefficiencies caused by restrictive “technology silos” and takes a holistic view and approach to enterprise system management. Our method provides for integrated operational and service management including Monitoring, Account Administration, Metrics and Reporting across all platforms and technologies including:

  • Server Services (Windows, Unix)
  • Storage Services
  • Data Protection Services
  • Data Network Services
  • Hight Performance Computing
  • Network Access and Directory Services


LTI provides core teams for each technology stack made up of dedicated leaders and Subject Matter Experts and an expanded general resource pool that provides operational support across all technologies and platforms. This process maximizes resource utilization, communication and overall productivity by providing a team that is focused on the health of the enterprise rather than a specific technology vertical. In addition, LTI provides Integrated Project Management, Case Management and Data Center Management across all services and solutions, as well.

To learn more about how LTI’s approach to Integrated Service Management can drive quality and reduce cost for your organization contact us today.