Over 30 Years of Quality Service


Founded On A Vision

LTI was founded to create a company driven to provide an exceptional, unrivaled level of service. In order to do so, we set out to hire the best and brightest minds in the industry.

Innovative Software

Our Software Services vertical kicked off implementing an innovative electronic publishing solution that cut document generation time by 80 percent.

Long Term Relationships

Our Infrastructure Services Division was founded in 1995 and began supporting the UNIX environment for a large multi-national company, driving process and procedure, raising server availability, increasing quality and reducing costs. Our relationship with this customer continues to this day.

Expanding our Reach

Our Atlanta Regional Office opened in 1998 in answer to increased business demands and the need for consultant support in the Southern tier.

Best Application and National Reach

Our statewide Web authentication and authorization system won the “Best Application for Business Needs” award.

We made the transition to a national provider, augmenting our remote support model with local execution throughout the US, while also expanding our services model to include Windows Systems Support.

International Beginnings

Our Cincinnati office opened in support of clients and consultants in the Midwest. In addition, LTI took the first step toward international support as we began offering native language support services in Italian and French.

International Support

By 2007, LTI was officially providing 7×24, remote infrastructure support services in over 50 countries, including on-site services in Europe.

Gaining Traction

LTI gained significant traction as a global provider, further augmenting our remote support model with local execution where required in Europe and Asia.

LTI established subsidiaries in France and Italy, and engaged regional European partners to begin providing on-site services in Belfort and Florence.

The Third Decade

With a 10,000 sq. ft. expansion to our Solutions Center and intense focus on growth areas such as Smart Grid and Information Security, LTI was well positioned to make our third decade our greatest ever.

Growing Partnerships

LTI strengthens its cloud delivery and DevOps service portfolio by becoming an Amazon Web Services Consulting Partner.

Industrial Internet of Things

LTI becomes a GE Digital Alliance Partner as we expand our cloud capability to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) using Predix, the world's first industrial internet platform.

Cloud Expansion

LTI demonstrate a high level expertise with AWS cloud solutions and achieves Amazon Web Services Advanced Consulting Partner status.

Now and the Future

As we close out our third decade, LTI continues to aggressively pursue our stated mission: Our company will drive upward the standards that support and reward talented consultants. Motivated people provide superior service to our clients.

Committed from the beginning

From Day 1, LTI has been committed to quality in our solutions and services. Our teams have always been focused on delivering products and solutions that are done right the first time. In our early years this commitment to quality was evidenced in each of the initial software projects delivered by the LTI team. The mission critical engineering design applications being developed by LTI demanded such attention to detail. On our first major software project, LTI employees were responsible for initiating and developing a rigorous software release methodology that was responsible for virtually eliminating defects from software releases. This passion for quality was contagious and impacted each of our service offerings as they came online.

Establishing a Creed

In 1995, LTI’s Infrastructure Services offering was established on the principle that a process-driven approach was the key that would allow us to continuously improve quality, reduce cost and establish a viable and sustainable service offering for our company.

“Standardization, Automation and Documentation” became the creed of the LTI teams and the means by which we were able to achieve stable infrastructure operations, improved quality of service, significant cost reduction and client satisfaction. Throughout the years, this approach has been expanded to incorporate the principles and practices of both Six Sigma and ITIL. Two decades later this approach is still at the heart of each and every engagement taken on by LTI’s Global Infrastructure Services division.

Driving Up Quality, Driving Down Costs

LTI’s efforts to drive up quality and drive down cost have allowed our clients to reduce staff, consolidate systems, reduce system management costs and drive down “per device” support costs, all while continuing to meet or exceed contractual SLAs. LTI’s focus on Cost Out has enabled our company to continually outperform competitors and bring our clients the best value for their IT Investment.

Six Sigma

LTI has instituted an ongoing policy of Six Sigma training for our consultants and has certified Black Belts within our current staff. LTI’s internal DMAIC training program consists of over 40 hours of training spread over a five-week period covering all of the analysis, tools and concepts required to have a solid foundation in—and functional understanding of—Six Sigma principles.

Upon training completion, LTI consultants have demonstrated the ability to identify the real CTQs associated with a customer need, provide risk analysis through the use of FMEAs and other tools, and make objective decisions through careful measurement and quantitative analysis of data.


First exposed to ITIL in 1998, LTI quickly embraced its core principles. ITIL service management practices are at the heart of the LTI service delivery model. LTI’s approach ensures that standardized methods and procedures are used for efficient and prompt handling of all changes, to minimize the impact of change-related incidents upon service quality and improve the day-to-day operations of the organization.

LTI will ensure that all resources assigned to an engagement understand the importance of (and are committed to) the process of configuration, incident, problem, change and release management.

Relationship of Integrity and Trust

At LTI we “say what we do” and “do what we say.” LTI’s integrity in business dealings has earned it a relationship of trust with our clients. Additionally, LTI has on several occasions proactively and voluntarily provided cost reductions to our clients, as productivity enhancements or increased business opportunities have allowed our company to deliver our services more efficiently and with reduced staffing.

LTI values our relationships with our clients and works tirelessly to continue to grow those relationships to the mutual benefit of both organizations.