Energy Expertise


LTI has been engaged with the energy sector since our inception by providing consulting services to industry leaders in manufacturing and Independent Systems Operators. LTI’s subject matter experts are proficient in transmission grid planning, market analysis and design, installed capacity, demand response and deliverability. Our experts leverage decades of experience to provide services to transmission grid and market operators, private industry and government. With our energy expertise, LTI supports the functions of Information Technology, Systems Engineering & Planning and Product & Project Management. In these areas, LTI consultants provide Financial, Operations, Market Structures, Legal, System Resource & Planning, Information Technology and Market Mitigation and Monitoring support. LTI is uniquely positioned with not only the ability to provide IT solutions but also energy industry and market consultative services.


LTI knows how to integrate physical assets into complex IT systems and build enterprise level software solutions for complex business problems. This alone, however, is not what sets us apart from the competition. When our skills are leveraged with the domain knowledge gained from working with transmission grid operators and Fortune 10 companies, an incredible value is created for clients in need of IT solutions in the energy sector. LTI continues to provide business analysis, software engineering and support services for all major market systems including energy market, capacity market and demand response systems. We also design secure, high availability computing environments for hosting mission critical business applications.


In an industry where the smallest mistake can have a major financial impact or result in a loss of service to millions, LTI recognizes that risks are not taken without careful consideration. Whether we are developing algorithms for analyzing energy market bid collateralization, ensuring optimal auction results using linear programming or providing market advise on innovative demand response technologies, our consultants have the experience to make the smartest choices. Additionally, LTI increases quality through traditional project management, requirements gathering and design services. Our clients find that they not only enjoy successes on initial engagements but the true reward found from a long-term relationship with a trusted partner who has real energy expertise.