Global Expansion

Supporting Systems in Over 50 Countries

The need for up-to-date, comprehensive and proactive IT solutions has enabled LTI to become a strategic partner to multi-national corporations in fulfilling their requirements for Global IT Infrastructure Services. As client needs for seamless services across geographic poles have increased, LTI has grown organically to respond with solutions that address this global growth. LTI currently provides support for systems that are located in over 50 countries, offering a remote support model augmented by additional onsite support for larger, strategic sites.

A Truly Global Reach

In addition to our domestic presence, LTI has established subsidiaries in the UK, France and Italy, as well as partnerships with regional and global providers in Europe and Asia. In addition to our remote management team located in the U.S., LTI currently has resources on the ground in France, Italy, Austria, Hungary and China. Additional support from a global development center (GDC) in India is also utilized when required for certain engagements.

Proficient in International Business Rules and Regulations

LTI has been responsible for the management of U.S. Export Controlled Data and Systems for over 20 years. LTI resources are very knowledgeable in this regard and are aware of the criticality of controlling access to, and maintaining the integrity of, export controlled data. LTI also has significant experience setting up business entities in Europe. We have developed good working knowledge of European tax and employment regulations as well as an established network of legal and financial counsel to leverage as needed.

Outperforming Local Competitors

Clients often choose to transition services from “Big name” providers to the leaner, more efficient LTI model. As a result, LTI has displaced large service providers in delivering services in the US, UK, France and Italy by providing superior service at a more resonable price. LTI has become an expert at transitioning service from other firms, establishing a 30-60-90 day model that leverages the strength of our remote, US-based team. As our team adopts best practices at the local level, we ensure that there is no disruption to the customer's business activities. LTI focuses on quickly improving the level of service while driving down cost.

Capabilities and Experience

LTI offers the full range of Infrastructure Services to our clients regardless of their geographic location. Contact us to learn why large global organizations have been trusting LTI with their mission critical domestic systems for 28 years and why they are now entrusting LTI with the support of their critical systems across the globe.