Unique Corporate Culture


“Our company will drive upward the standards that support and reward talented consultants. Motivated people provide superior service to clients.”


From day one, LTI was founded on a very simple principle. Find the right people, treat them with respect and the rest will take care of itself. Rather than chasing after business opportunities and then struggling to find resources to fill them, LTI turns the model around. Find the right employees, become a preferential employer of technical and leadership talent and the business opportunities will have a way of finding you. Perhaps that sounds overly simplistic, but the truth is that it worked.


LTI as a company is committed to our employees. Our “Pro People” approach is the central tenet of our company. We believe that our employees are our greatest assets and therefore we focus on and invest in those things that are important to our employees. That is why LTI has a 20-year history of on time performance reviews, why the company still provides a comprehensive benefit portfolio for our employees and why each resource within our organization is just a phone call away from a meeting with our CEO. We truly are a pro people company.


From the moment they are hired, every LTI consultant knows that they report to and are ultimately responsible to our CEO. They are encouraged to contact him whenever they feel the need to do so. Each member of the LTI leadership team embraces this ideal and grants the same level of openness and accessibility. Although there is accountability along project lines, this progressive mindset fosters an environment where leaders can work together comfortably and without boundaries to ensure client and consultant needs are handled quickly, consistently and completely.


Once again, LTI turns the model upside down when it comes to leadership. At LTI our leaders live the values of our company every day. They exude team spirit by conferring, communicating and acting as a unit. They uphold the standards of the “Pro People” approach serving our consultants so they can in turn focus on delivering outstanding results for our clients. This upside-down approach to leadership--where our frontline consultants are placed at the top of the pyramid, not the bottom--is our time-tested way of satisfying the needs of both our employees and our clients.


At LTI teamwork is not just a nice concept, it is a way of life and is critical to our success. Talented individuals come together on a daily basis knowing that their greatest opportunity for individual and collective success lies in bringing all that they are and investing fully in the success of the team. At LTI we encourage, celebrate and reward teamwork. Our employees willingly embrace this concept of teamwork because they know that they work for a company who is committed not just to company success, but their employees' success as well.