Cloud Based Training Content Delivery


A Fortune 100 customer had numerous systems for delivering training to employees and none of them met the needs of all the departments looking to deliver both web based and in person training. Out of the box training and content delivery systems did not have all the features desired and the ability to import data from other systems and seamlessly make it appear as one unified platform. Finding training material and making people aware of new material was too difficult with more than one place to look for content.


LTI integrated the distributed data from all the systems using Amazon Web Services and a microservice architecture, exposing it as an API and making the content searchable. Internal training and high quality free training material from internet MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) providers are leveraged into a platform that enhances the value of internal training and keeps material fresh with the best new ideas.  Automation reduces effort and time to deliver new content on a regular basis. Training is easier to find when different groups all come to one place to search and discover the training available on topics that interest them.


This solution leverages the expertise of team members with experience in Linux, Amazon Web Services, Cloud Architecture, Web Development, and Continuous Delivery. Best of breed industry standard open-source and proprietary tools like Spring Boot, AWS (EC2, RDS, S3), and the Google Search Appliance are integrated into a scalable custom web site. The responsive design of the web interface also allows content to be viewed on mobile devices as well as at the office.


By replacing the need to go to many different systems to find training material, LTI was able to make high quality content easier to find and manage.  Replacing the need of organizations to maintain multiple sites also increased productivity for rolling out new content on a regular basis.  The system also gives the customer the flexibility to consolidate multiple training systems over time on their own schedule.