Industrial Internet of Things

Expertise in the Internet of Important Things

Industrial data is growing and the ability to extract insight and achieve outcomes is becoming increasingly critical to operational competitiveness. Because of our range of experience with manufacturing, energy, technology and transportation we have the skills and knowledge needed to help bridge the IT and OT gap, gather that valuable operational data, perform analytics and help reduce the down time of your assets and maximize your profits.

The Right Platform, The Right Partnership

As a Certified GE Digital Alliance Partner we have demonstrated our commitment and capability as a System Integrator on Predix, a purpose built industrial analytics platform. Our staff of certified Predix developers has the experience and capabilities to architect, deliver and support your IIoT project with the support of the industry leader in the space. Whether your assets are GE or non-GE, OT or IT, we can help craft a solution that is right for you.

Outside the Box or Off the Shelf

With the Predix platform LTI has the capability to provide a completely customized solution, leverage commercially available solutions or a take a hybrid approach to your Asset Performance Management, Analytics, or Manufacturing challenges. By Leveraging our expertise and partnerships we can help your company choose the optimal starting point, quickly gather data from critical assets, and start getting useful insights from your industrial data.