Cloud Services

LTI can help you architect your cloud solution, optimize your cloud environment, migrate legacy applications to the cloud and provide stable cloud operations for your business and development needs. We are an Amazon Web Services Advanced Consulting Partner with experience providing cloud services to the enterprise.

Public, private, hybrid?

Cloud technologies are a top priority for your business but where should your cloud be deployed? Users will want to access compute resources no matter where they are. Management wants cost out. IT is concerned with security, performance and integration. LTI can help. Our engineers have experience with leading public and private cloud technologies. We have successfully architected private cloud solutions for specialized workgroups as well as enterprise class public cloud solutions. In addition to our experience we maintain a staff of professionals who are trained and certified in leading technologies. Our own cloud management platform offering can help bring your cloud private and public cloud to your business users.

Application Migration

The cloud is not just another virtualized environment. There are many factors to consider before migrating legacy application to a public or private cloud. Is your application right for the cloud? LTI has migrated hundreds applications from on premises datacenters to public and private cloud environments. Many of these have been enterprise grade with business needs that demand no downtime. Our approach involves architecting the best environment using the appropriate services available and refactoring as necessary. We build fault tolerant solutions that scale and handle the ephemeral nature of operations in the cloud. Automation from definition to deployment to operations, performance and security is a top priority.

Cost, Control and Elasticity

Cost alone should never be the primary reason for moving to the cloud. Given your situation, it may or may not be less expensive than an on premise or a collocated solution. How do you plan to operate your cloud infrastructure? Are security, availability and scalability concerns? What cloud services should you use and what is the total cost of ownership? LTI can guide you through the fog and help you position your company to take advantage of cloud based services that would be impossible or cost prohibitive to replicate on premises. This frees you to focus on growing your core business and not the operation and maintenance of IT infrastructure.

Bimodal IT

Many Public clouds provide a rich set of virtual resources and tools for monitoring and controlling their environments. But you have a legacy environment to manage with your own set of tools and processes. How will you know your data is protected? Is your critical infrastructure operating optimally or even at all? Companies with both legacy and cloud infrastructure need to be able to monitor and control both environments seamlessly.

LTI can help. With decades of experience with traditional infrastructure as well as technicians certified and experienced with public and private cloud technologies we are uniquely positioned to provide the support your organization needs. From our monitoring and infrastructure management tools to our experience with development and cloud operations we’ve got decades of experience with on premise and cloud based monitoring solutions.


  • Cloud Migrations
  • Serverless Computing
  • DevOps/CloudOps
  • Continuous Integration & Deployment
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Data protection
  • Monitoring
  • Software defined infrastructure


  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Oracle Exa
  • Predix
  • CloudStack
  • OpenStack
  • Pivotal Cloud Foundry