System Integration

Incredible Complexity

Today’s pace of technology advancement acceleration has led to an operating environment where stand-alone solutions can proliferate inside an organization opening the door for both inefficiency and ineffectiveness. Systems integration is the process of linking together different computing systems and applications physically or functionally to act as a coordinated whole.

Complexity Brings Opportunity

We provide system integration in several functions including engineering, finance and operations in both the inquiry to order cycle as well as the order to remission cycle. We focus more on horizontal integration as opposed to vertical integration. This generally includes the use of an Enterprise Service Bus which cuts down the number of interfaces to only one per subsystem which allows for direct connection to the Service Bus.

Understand Your Business Process First

This effort tends to fall out of the business analysis or business optimization efforts. It begins with an analysis of the proposed business process with a focus on the outcomes that are desired by the end user. We undergo a data mapping exercise to ensure that the data contained in the existing systems meets the requirements of the end product. An analysis of the existing data repositories is done to determine if the data sources can be blended or is a new database required.

Everyone on the Same Page

System integration improves the value of existing information by increasing the availability and reach of the information while eliminating data discrepancies from competing, stand – alone systems.