Technology Assessment

The Right Stuff

Technology Assessments are a systematic attempt to foresee the consequences in all spheres when you are thinking about introducing a particular technology. It is no longer enough for a company to catch up with a particular technology, it must also be in a position to continually build from it. It is critical that the technology assessment follow an understanding of the business vision, goals and processes. Additionally, it should not only look at solving today’s problems but also consciously aim to lay the foundation for the future course of its technologies.

Every Function Needs It

Technology Assessments are not limited to IT. We have completed Technology Assessments for IT development efforts within Engineering, Manufacturing, Services and Finance divisions of major clients.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

There are many work items that go into a full Technical Assessment, but to keep it at a high level we will discuss two major dimensions within the process. The first of these is the characterization of a technology’s economic aspects that demonstrate its influence on business success. Some criteria we might consider would be:

  • The competitive advantage that can be achieved with a particular technology with respect to performance, costs and quality
  • The potential growth rates of sales, earnings and market share (‘leverage effect’) due to the technology
  • The potential for development of new products
  • The economic risks involved

  • The second dimension of an assessment analyzes the significance of a technology with respect to:

  • Its maturity and foreseeable performance limits
  • Competing technologies
  • The scope of potential applications and potential synergy
  • Compatibility with existing systems
  • The technical risks involved
  • Staying Ahead

    Senior executives and management have started to demand an understanding of how business technology can improve operations, enhance a manager’s decision-making, and place the organization in a strong position to compete. Technology Assessments do this, and even much more!