Data Protection Monitoring Product

The Problem with Enterprise Backup Solutions

Enterprises need to have a clear view into the quality of their data protection strategy. Large and complex data protection solutions often face many of the same challenges.

  • Multiple enterprise backup technologies are in use
  • There is no comprehensive view into the state of data protection of the enterprise as a whole
  • Data protection information lacked business meaning and is not actionable
  • It is difficult to tell what clients should have been backed up when they have not been enrolled in any data protection solution

Our Product

Our ClearView product is a cloud based Software as a Service designed to provide actionable insights into the quality of the data protection efforts across your business. Information from your enterprise data protection system is streamed to the cloud and presented in a searchable, meaningful way to business users and IT professionals alike. Only data about backup events is transferred. Your business data remains securely within the control of your enterprise data protection system. The ClearView product is a persona based application that obtains real time data from the machines about their assets. It drives process, automates repetitive tasks, and provides the tools IT needs to manage failures across the enterprise. Backup failures are recorded or generated based on your recovery point policies and tracked. An interface with ServiceNow® is provided for automatic ticketing of failure incidents as well as automatic closure when a successful resolution is detected.

How ClearView Works

ClearView is a cloud based solution built on the industrial grade Predix cloud, which provides the security, control and agility needed for this SaaS offering. Agents that interface with the on premises backup solutions are deployed to the client’s infrastructure. Data from CommVault®, NetBackup®, and Avamar® is streamed in real time and then enriched with any data about the backup targets that is important to your business. Our team has the ability to monitor your ClearView installation and offer a complete managed service for those clients who require an outsourced solution.

The Value

Our ClearView data protection monitoring product provides unparalleled insight and control into enterprise grade backup technologies. This product is part of our data protection managed service at no additional cost or may be licensed for use within your enterprise.

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