Serverless Operations Center

LTI developed a serverless solution running on Amazon Web Services using only API Gateway, Lambda, CloudFront, S3, Cognito and RDS.


An IT organization responsible for supporting tens of thousands of physical, virtual and cloud devices required an upgrade to their existing operations center software that was used to identify and schedule qualified resources for incident resolution.


A serverless architecture was proposed using AWS API Gateway, Lambda, CloudFront, S3, Cognito and RDS. The static content was hosted in S3 and utilized CloudFront to improve performance. RESTful endpoints were provided through API Gateway using Lamba functions written in Java to implement business requirements. Data was stored in a MySQL RDS instance in order to minimize the data migration effort from the legacy system. Cognito and STS were used to provide authentication and authorization.


The cost involved with hosting the legacy system was insignificant given that is shared infrastructure with other systems. This required that the most cost effective approach be proposed. The serverless architecture provided a means to minimize the operational costs and still accomplish the objectives of the project.


The upgrade to a cloud infrastructure and current technologies allowed the application to be accessed securely from anywhere on any device and improved productivity. The serverless architecture provided scalability without any baseline costs for instances and provided for a true OpEx model based upon usage. Utilizing AWS allows for access to services that would be cost prohibitive or even impossible to implement on site.