Cloud Services

As a trusted cloud partner, LTI is highly focused on delivering end-to-end cloud services across the customer engagement life cycle. We are an Amazon Web Services Advanced Consulting Partner with experience providing cloud services to the enterprise.

Your Cloud Partner

Customer expectations about the impact of cloud on their organizations are growing, requiring a partner with the skills and capabilities and deliver next-generation, value-add solutions that deliver on the cost savings, operational efficiency, enhanced security, and business agility outcomes enabled through cloud transformation. 

We are focused on building and scaling new solutions to help customers become more agile and innovative. While the conversation around the benefits of cloud had historically focused on reducing or avoiding IT and infrastructure costs, customers should demand more value from their cloud partners and expect their cloud partners to assist them in empowering their business to deliver better customer experiences and unlock agility and innovation.

We are continuously investing in training, certifications, product and service research and development, and talent acquisition. We’ve built deep and rich subject matter expertise outside of our core migration capabilities, particularly in DevOps, cloud and enterprise security, serverless computing, and the internet-of-things (IoT). 

Plan, Design, Build, and Migrate. As customers embark on their journey to the cloud, LTI offers professional services that leverage our unique next-generation skill sets, proficiencies, systems, and intellectual property to build long-lasting and rewarding customer relationships. Customer cloud initiatives generally began with an initial strategic consulting engagement focused on understanding the desired business outcomes, assessing existing infrastructure and operations, constructing cloud decision frameworks and business cases. This is a learning exercise intended to give us the insight to recommend best-of-breed cloud strategies and DevOps transformations, as well as educate and engage the customer on the realm of cloud possibilities.

Run, Operate, and Optimize. LTI offers AWS managed services at a variety of price points and service levels to meet the diverse and sophisticated workload management and optimization needs of today’s technology buyers. Managed services engagements often follow successful migration engagements or may be initiated with customers who have existing cloud operations looking for improved stability, security or 24x7 monitoring.

Strategy, Planning, Assessment, And Advisory Services

Customers often began their journey to the cloud with an upfront strategic consulting engagement focused on understanding the desired business outcomes, assessing the customer’s existing infrastructure, and building a strategy that defines which workloads should be migrated to the cloud and in what order. Often, this phase of the customer engagement life cycle involves building business cases and cloud decision frameworks to gain organizational buy-in, where we help their customers clearly define the desired business outcomes of cloud transformation. This often includes business agility, innovation, and cost savings. Since the majority of customers moving to the cloud prefer to adopt a more piecemeal approach in their journey to the cloud, these engagements help customers identify quick wins and demonstrate the immense business value of cloud across their organizations.

Design, Build, Migrate, And Deploy Services

Good assessment, planning and strategy definition inevitably lead to more successful design, rebuild, migrate, and deploy engagements. With many companies adopting a piecemeal approach to cloud adoption, preferring to move only a modest number of workloads to during the initial phase to generate “quick wins” with near immediate business impact. For those just beginning their journey to the cloud, this professional services phase is often a “proof of concept.” Often, this precedes the migration of complex legacy applications and sophisticated workloads that required significant refactoring and reengineering work.

A confluence of customer, marketplace, and technology dynamics necessitate cloud migration professional service solutions that go well beyond the realm of a simple “lift-and-shift.” We typically find that we need to rebuild each customer’s environment, so that it is taking advantage of the cost savings, scalability, and security enabled available in the cloud. As such, these engagements often include operating system regeneration, application refactoring, and other initiatives to ensure that workloads are designed, architected, and migrated in a cloud-optimal way.

Managed Services

LTI offers a variety of managed services to meet the diverse and sophisticated workload and application management and optimization requirements of our customers. Managed services recommendations often result from strategy, advisory, design and migration engagements where we are able to make granular, workload-level management and optimization recommendations.

Given the diversity and uniqueness of each customer’s infrastructure and application environment, we offer a robust portfolio of managed services at various price points and support levels to meet the needs of our customers. Furthermore, different workloads within each customer’s environment may require varying degrees of support.

LTI offers a core set of infrastructure managed services, including cost assurance and optimization, availability and scalability services, limited security monitoring, billing aggregation, and light support. Gold-level infrastructure services go beyond the core services to include backup services, patching, dynamic monitoring, application performance monitoring, alerting, remediation, and premium technical support. Premium services may also include third-party applications for analytics, security, and cost optimization.

AWS Competencies

In addition to the AWS competencies below, LTI offers a host of cloud based application development, continuous integration and deployment services. Click here to learn more.

  • Compute
    • EC2
    • Elastic Container Service
    • Lambda
  • Storage
    • S3
    • EFS
  • Database
    • RDS
    • ElastiCache
    • DyanmoDB
  • Networking
    • VPC
    • CloudFront
    • Route 53
    • API Gateway
  • Management Tools
    • CloudWatch
    • CloudFormation
    • CloudTrail
    • Config
    • Systems Manager
  • Security and Compliance
    • IAM
    • Cognito
    • Certificate Manager
  • Application Integration
    • Step Functions
    • Simple Notification Service
    • Simple Queue Service