Data Center Management


LTI has 15+ years experience in every component of Data Center management striving to make the Data Centers as efficient and professional as possible, always with an eye towards 100% uptime from a facilities standpoint.


  • Currently Monitor and Maintain 30+ Data Centers worldwide ranging in size from 2000 square feet to 10,000 square feet.
  • Helped build brand new 4000 square foot Data center from the ground up including all aspects of design.  Layout, cabling, cooling, fire suppression, security, electrical, etc. with a goal of 100% redundancy from the DC infrastructure space.
  • Maintain PM contracts on Data Center Infrastructure (Generators, UPS, HVAC)
  • Manage Data Center Inventory and layouts via Microsoft Visio.
  • Monitoring/Alerting of Data Centers via RacSense.  Including temperature, humidity, water leaks from HVAC systems and other key Data Center areas of concern.
  • Security Monitoring including live Video Feeds, badge readers and anti-tailgating systems.
  • Complete Support of Data Centers and all IT equipment.  Racking/unracking Servers, network equipment and more.
  • Work with 3rd party security vendors on the secure transport and destruction of sensitive data on hard drives, tapes, etc.
  • Well versed in off-site storage practices via 3rd party vendors of backup media for SOX compliance and for disaster recovery processes.
  • Work diligently on recycling all retired equipment:  servers, racks, cabling, and anything else that can be recycled through various local recycling centers.
  • Design and implement structured cabling design for data centers, computer rooms and network closets, using current standards for copper wire and fiber optics.