Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery


As a global infrastructure services provider, LTI understands the need to plan for the unexpected.

Asking the right questions

  • Understanding how each business unit operates
  • Identification of critical business unit processes that depend on IT
  • Financial value of critical business processes (e.g., revenues generated per hour)
  • Dependencies on internal departments and business units
  • Dependencies on external organizations
  • Data requirements
  • Minimum time needed to recover data to previous state of use
  • Minimum technology and system requirements needed to conduct business
  • Minimum time needed to return to normal or near-normal operations following an incident
  • Minimum number of staff needed to conduct business
  • Minimum office space needed to conduct business
  • Minimum office supplies and services needed to conduct business


LTI is currently engaged in creating, maintaining and executing disaster recovery plans on a global level. Our staff has designed and built, and operates the infrastructure needed to provide fail-over capability for a fortune 5 business with datacenters in Alpharetta, GA and Cincinnati, OH.

In addition, LTI consultants manage disaster recovery tests held at Sungard facilities in Paris, France in support of a large client site located in Belfort, France.