System Monitoring

Maximizing Uptime

According to recent findings, 3.6% of an average company’s revenue is lost as the result of network downtime or performance degradation. As technical infrastructures continue to grow, and critical data is accessed around the clock by global user communities, servers become increasingly difficult to manage. With hundreds or thousands of users depending on this data, it is essential to maximize network, server and application performance, as well as maximizing uptime. LTI monitors thousands of servers and Web URL's worldwide, drastically reducing downtime through proactive measures including the development of automated processes whenever possible.

Downtime Analysis

LTI’s performance monitoring and management approach not only leverages technology, but also integrates best practices to reduce the instances of downtime. LTI also works to reduce the mean time it takes to restore service after an outage has occurred. Our experienced team emphasizes proactive tactics that identify the trends and patterns that can lead to downtime; our upfront analysis and remediation procedures have been proven to decrease the opportunities for future failures.

The Monitoring Team Supplies the Following Services:

  • Building new monitoring environment
  • Developing new tools and methods of monitoring servers
  • Configuring clients, monitoring servers and new methods to monitor services
  • Deploying updated clients, agents and methods to monitor servers
  • Maintenance of the overall environment
  • New hardware/software upgrades
  • Upgrading of existing management servers
  • Configuration of specific alerts and monitor thresholds