Site Reliability Engineering (DevOps)

  • Logic Technology has embraced the DevOps culture and is using the principles of continuous integration and delivery to give customers the ability to develop and deploy changes to services rapidly.

  • Our consultants have provided customer solutions with automated infrastructure (AWS) and deployment pipelines designed by LTI engineers.

  • Site Reliability Engineering, defined by Ben Treynor of Google, builds upon the DevOps concepts of systems integration and continuous software build and release. SRE focuses on organizational changes and requires engineers that spend part of their time on operations and part of their time developing highly automated self-healing systems.

  • Logic Technology has developed an internal training program to build and strengthen the skills SRE teams will require. This training is performed in the AWS public cloud and is offered to small groups of engineers from traditional operations teams (Sysadmin, Virtual, DB, Networking, Storage).

  • LTI believes that the SRE paradigm begins with skilled cross-trained engineers and depends on collaboration across traditional IT operations and development teams.

  • The LTI SRE/DevOps training focuses on automated infrastructure, continuous integration using configuration management tools such as Chef, and automated software builds for continuous delivery with Jenkins. This training is constantly evolving to include instruction on new services in the AWS environment.