Let Your IT Investment Take Flight

When it comes to Aviation and Information Technology, the sky’s the limit on what role LTI can have within your company. LTI has provided infrastructure design, development, build and run services for clients in the Aviation space, including 7x24 managed services for servers, storage, backup and identity management. Our proactive monitoring services are also available 7x24, ensuring the reliability and availability of your critical systems. Our High Performance Computing solutions help drive the effectiveness and efficiency of engineering efforts to new heights.

Expertise in Export Control

Export controlled data is a critical component of the Aviation industry. LTI has well over a decade of experience with export control and our resources are acutely aware of the criticality of controlling access to, and maintaining the integrity of, export controlled data. LTI not only provides operational support and management of export controlled data and systems but also helps our clients to segregate servers and storage containing such data. Through this approach, LTI is helping its clients solve the challenge of export control and further drive the globalization of services.

How LTI Can Help

At LTI, we’ve provided the full range of Global Infrastructure Services to our clients in aviation for many years. We have also provided Program Management services to support New Product Introduction and our Project and Integration services have been called upon to execute thousands of Infrastructure Projects including hundreds of projects initiated and driven at the CIO level. We have also provided business analysis for application support.