Research & Development

What’s New, What’s Next

Research and Development have often been indicators that a business is future-minded and ready for productive change. That’s where IT comes in. LTI has supported R&D in both public and private environments, ranging from the development and implementation of design solutions for the power delivery market to the application of new technologies (such as RFID) to support global operations of publicly traded organizations. We have developed and implemented applications that ‘learn as they go.’ These applications are used for assessing and evaluating the quality of prospective leads for customer equipment inspections. We are now providing cutting edge solutions in areas such as portfolio risk management and business process optimization.

Forward Thinking

LTI is currently developing and testing new algorithms to facilitate better utilization of High Performance Computing clusters and has created custom applications for the submission of batch jobs for distributed and parallel computing. As new technologies emerge, we are working on client confidential research into cyber security solutions for the Smart Grid. Our depth of IT and computer science experience coupled with our relationships with leading technical universities provide our research and development customers with the best minds available in the industry.