High Tech

The technology sector is continually evolving its products and services for their customers and end users. As such, there is no shortage to what a company like LTI can offer to companies in the tech industry. LTI has provided comprehensive technology assessments and evaluations in support of both Information Technology and Engineering clients. LTI boasts no hardware re-seller relationships and thus is technology agnostic. Our company’s efforts have included state of the art server and storage technologies, as well as wireless technology implementation, RFID application assessment and bar code incorporation into customer service systems. Additionally, we’ve performed system benchmarks for clients to aid in the comparison of competing technologies in the infrastructure arena.

Unlimited Capabilities

As a result of our Infrastructure design and administration activities, LTI has interacted with, and gained the respect of, some of the largest manufacturers of high-end technology networking and computing devices in the country. Several of these companies have also subsequently engaged LTI to provide short-term project or long-term operational support services for their own organizations.