Verizon's Report On Data Breach Investigations

September 16th, 2016

Verizon released the 2013 Data Breech Investigations Report on April 23rd, 2013. The report shows a continuing trend that no one is immune to a potential data breach.

The report is a comprehensive analysis of security breach notifications over 2012 timeframe. The report analyzed over 47,000 breaches with 621 confirmed over 27 countries.

Verizon reports that 76% of all reported breaches were due to weak or exploited credentials.

92% of all breaches were from an external source. This runs counter to the popular belief that the internal trusted user is more dangerous.

96% of all espionage cases were attributed to be from one country, China.

The report further details that the likely targets have not changed much since the 2012 report. ATMs top the list with desktops, laptops and file servers coming in just behind

Customer Service staff appear to be the responsible for most data breaches with end users coming in second.Combined the two categories account for 60% of all data breaches.

The reports closes by stating that there is no silver bullet one tool approach available. Instead the report recommends an active approach across your entire organization

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The full report is available at