Cost Out

Creative Solutions to Cost Out Challenges

LTI’s status as a privately held corporation allows us the flexibility to develop and implement creative solutions that enable our customers to meet their stated objectives. As an added benefit of our intense commitment to improving quality, LTI is able to meet cost out challenges and provide productivity savings to our clients.

Significant Savings for Our Clients

For over 20 years, LTI has consistently and proactively driven down costs and championed productivity initiatives that have led to significant savings for our clients. A strong process and quality focus has allowed LTI to deliver millions in productivity savings to our customers.

Establishing Long Term Business Relationships

The development of long-term strategic relationships with our customers is at the heart of LTI’s business philosophy. LTI works to understand client business drivers in order to provide the greatest value over time. Our success is directly linked to the success of our clients.

The LTI Lower Cost Model

The migration of high cost services from big name providers to the lower cost LTI model has provided our clients with considerable reductions in their overall IT spend. Leveraging the foundation and framework of the LTI team over incremental volume and services also provides for significant savings. Below are some of the ways that LTI has been able to focus on Cost Out challenges on behalf of our clients:

  • Proactive reductions of staff
  • Proactive discounts
  • Accelerated discounts due to unexpected growth in device population
  • Significant reduction of client server volumes as a result of proactive consolidation by LTI staff leveraging underutilized systems
  • Identifying costly errors in client processes and 3 party reporting tools
  • Strict management of client computing assets
  • Volume discounts and annual productivity savings
  • Improved processes to enable clients to more accurately charge back services to business units
  • Standardization
  • Process improvements and value add projects
  • Consultative project work outside of contract scope at no additional charge
  • Leveraging staff across shifts, sites and technologies
  • Limited turnover, managed attrition
  • Retention of key site knowledge
  • Incremental workload absorbed by existing staff
  • Ad hoc project work by operations teams at no additional charge