What Makes Us Different


There is an attitude that distinguishes each LTI employee. It is the evidence of a well-defined, well-articulated process and philosophy that has been clearly communicated and consistently demonstrated throughout our organization. What makes LTI different is a corporate culture that fosters growth, encourages innovative thought and challenges us to succeed.


Teamwork is the foundation of the LTI culture and the key to our success. Throughout LTI there is an understanding that the greatest opportunity for individual success lies in commitment to the mission of the greater team. When working on an LTI team you quickly realize that this is not just “marketing hype” but the way we do business. At LTI you will work with teammates who are as passionate about your success as they are about their own. Teams win championships! Come join a championship team.


LTI is privately held and has demonstrated a willingness to invest in our employees rather than sales and marketing. LTI treats employees as the company’s greatest assets. As a result, LTI has earned a reputation for very low overhead, very low turnover and a very high rate of applied time for our consultants. LTI as a company has grown steadily with over 15% growth in our ranks over the past 12 months.


A major tenet of our "Pro People" approach is that we focus on what is important to our consultants to avoid potential distractions and allow them to focus on what they do best. We understand that one of the greatest distractions for any employee is “What happens when my assignment ends?”

At LTI we hire for careers, not assignments. When your assignment ends, your employment continues. LTI consultants without assignment are provided bench time during which they continue to receive their full salary and benefits while they focus on training, technical and professional growth. The reality is, however, that LTI has very little bench time. Over the past twelve months, LTI’s applied time for our consultants was over 98%.


LTI competes with some of the largest IT service providers in the business. Although we are often smaller than our competition, our size has never hindered us from consistently outperforming competitors. We are truly global and support large multi-national corporations with challenging, enterprise level computing requirements. Our employees take great pride in working together to apply their expertise to solving these challenges.

If you feel that you have what it takes to become part of the LTI team contact us today to see how LTI can become the co-architect of your career.